Having created this simple yet magical clearing we were extreamly lucky that Jim & Kerri of DEARESTLOVE photography agreed to come over and created these beautiful images…

theClearing really is a place where your imaginations can properly soar…

Awesome team

An inspiration that turned out a whole lot better than imagined! Рthanks to  Рhorsepower and three very skillful woodsmen.

A simple path winds into the woods and around to a natural amphitheatre with benches made from the felled trees and a few leylandi trunks left from previous works..

Created in Spring 2019, the clearing very quickly became our couples favourite corner of the site, infact all bar two weddings that year were held in the woods..

100% Organic

Raising the crown of these overgrown and neglected Christmas trees, created a cathedralesque feel over these hand cut benches, space for around 60 guests and a whole lot more with a few straw bales added in..