woodland weddings of your dreams

Like Peter and Lucy traipsing through the wardrobe to discover Narnia, our woodland clearing is like something from a fantasy world. Our enchanting clearing is a place where your imaginations can properly soar…

Awesome team

With thanks to horsepower and three very talented woodsmen, Orchard and Canvas were able to breath life back into this retired Christmas Tree farm. 

A simple path will guide you into a natural amphitheatre providing a complete Skandi aesthetic. As part of our sustainable ceremonies, benches in this woodland have been repurposed from felled trees and a few leylandi trunks left from previous works.

Work was complete in Spring 2019 and by the end of Wedding season, all bar two ceremonies were held in the space!

100% Organic

Raising the crown of these overgrown and neglected Christmas trees, created a cathedral-esque aesthetic over these hand cut benches, providing a comfortable space for around 60 guests and a whole lot more with a few straw bales added in!