food with personality, created with passion

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Buffets & Canapes

Simple, fresh and locally sourced ingredients are at the core of everything we prepare. You’ll find seasonally aware dishes from local farmers to produce a flavoursome feast for your Orchard and Canvas wedding. Talented cooks and creative minds work in harmony to both delight the taste buds and the eyes…

Our Offerings

Charcuterie and Cheese tables are always a hit at Orchard and Canvas weddings. With Severn Spots Charcuterie being part of the Little Verzons Farm family, we can always provide some tasty cheese and salami combinations for you and your guests to enjoy. Why not add another Herefordshire C to the menu and pair with some tasty local cider on our bars! 

Have a sweet spot and want to tempt your guests to our sweet bites? These are the ideal canapé for the sweet tooth. Bite size servings with options of brownies, shortbread, flapjacks and cake! 

Wedding Cakes

Visited The Nest cafe and fallen in love with our cake? You’re not the only one. Penny Chambers and Jennifer Edwards together make some awe-inspiring wedding cakes that are so tasty you won’t want to share with your family or friends! For more information please don’t hesitate to speak with our events team! 

Prices start at £100 per layer and we also offer a cutting and presentation service. 


Handmade Scotch Egg Co ltd

Orchard and Canvas weddings are the product of Neil and Penny – the same dedicated souls behind the renowned Handmade Scotch Egg Company. Obviously you’ll find Scotch eggs on our menu but not exclusively! The Orchard and Canvas team are foodies at heart and enjoy creating new and inspiring menus to reflect the enchanting couple marrying on site!

Photo copyright: Daisy Powles Photography

“THE NEST IS THE BEST! It was a pleasure to work with Neil and Penny and we would do it all again Tomorrow if we could! All the team were amazing!”

– Clare & Alex August 10th 2019

Savoury or Sweet…

Lightwood Artisan Cheeses .v. Dressed to impress Chocolate Brownie & Carrot cake

Outside Catering

Have a favourite food from a beloved caterer? Worry not! We enjoy working with local caterers to ensure you have everything and anything you could want at your wedding! Whether it’s wood-fired pizza, Mexican, Japanese soul food or something else entirely we have some great recommendations of talented local teams! 

Fancy doughnuts or cheesecake instead of the classic tiered wedding cake? We have some great recommendations for those as well! 

Need it or want it at your wedding? Then we can accommodate! 

Photo below: Sally Corrick Photography.